We would like to make your irrigation experience easier than ever with Landscaimg_5852pe Craftsmen’s Seasonal Irrigation Plan (SIP)

Why a Seasonal Irrigation Plan instead of just calling us when our services are needed?

It is our experience that every year when the sun finally shows up, we are usually at our peak busiest time of the year and then the irrigation calls start coming in. This can result in frustration for you and an overwhelming scheduling issue for us as we strive to make ourselves available for each new irrigation issue as it bubbles up, or explodes from the ground as the case may be!  By scheduling in advance a seasonal visit, we can solve most problems before the hot season even starts and get your gardening season started off right with a functional irrigation system.

Seasonal Irrigation Plan (SIP) Description:

This is an irrigation retainer fee that would ensure a pre-scheduled place for your system in our seasonal calendar for irrigation start-up, check-in and shut-down. We will notify you of any additional work needed on the system which at your request would be done as a Time and Materials job.

Cost :

Annual cost is based on the size of your irrigation system and which services you choose to sign up for. Contracts will be renewed annually at which time services can be added or subtracted from the agreement.  Cost per visit is as follows:

Start -Up: $150  (8 zones (valves) or smaller, $8 charge per additional zone)Includes a system run-through with minor adjustments. Also a list of suggested improvements.

Mid-Season Visit: $110/visit .  Sign up for one (1) or two (2) visits depending on how much close attention your garden needs throughout the growing season.

Shut-Down(winterization): $180 (8 zones (valves) or smaller, $8 charge per additional zone) Includes blowing out the system with compressed air and shutting off the double check valve coming from the water main.

If the Seasonal Irrigation Plan is something you would like to sign up for, please reply by email to Collin@landscapecraftsmen.com  (Be sure and specify how many zones are in your system, which visits you would like and how many mid-season visits.) I will send you an invoice for the services you request and we will be ready to schedule for the approaching irrigation year!

We are continuing to grow as Vashon Island’s only Landscaping company to offer extensive irrigation installation and repair services! We always appreciate your feedback on how we can make our services better and we Thank you for choosing us to help make your landscape the best it can be.

With Gratitude,


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